Resilience has a patron saint, and his name is Riley.  Few can keep fighting the way that Riley has...and, his story should be required reading for every aspiring musician that gets to the brink of giving up, whether that be playing music or life itself.  It's hard to *not* be inspired by this man.  (His interview and story are featured on video, and will be up soon, we promise!)

In a world of singer-songwriters, it's refreshing to see someone cross the line into making a name for himself in a technique subculture as rough as looping.  Often thought as the territory of hip-hop artists and ambient musicians, looping is a difficult technique to conquer, and few guitarists use looping beyond a songwriting tool, and bring it into the arena of live performance.
Not only has Riley used looping in performance, but has been showcased during the industry-specific Loopfest events.

After taking a brief hiatus, he's gearing up to hit some local NW spots with a batch of new songs and the drive that has brought him through the darkness and into the next chapter of his life and your new spotify playlist.  Talent and charm combined, this guy is one to watch out for.


Riley Tyrel Carter
DefMag interview footage and pics will be posted shortly!
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“'Master of the axe and the acoustic, Carter puts both to extensive use behind his soulful balladry - and the result is one of the most innovative albums we've encountered this year”

Akademia Awards
Best Album Ambient/Instrumental
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