Asereht Short Stories

Asereht Short Stories
By Xavier de la O

under the veil of the moon's light, she stood before me, there was a soft brightness surrounding the air around her, it gave me the impression time might end abruptly. as we approached one another, the room echoed back our footsteps transmuting them into the sound of rain fall, she seemed filled with the heat of the sun and i felt for a brief moment i would be cindered, and blinded. astonished i stood frozen and the presence filled me like an ancient vessel that had waited for years. for generations! our eyes followed as the force between us pulled us in ever closer. the floor beneath us trembled, the fabric of sane space and time seemed to twist and crack in comprehension of her beauty. she leaned forward, eyes glittering, and leaped into my arms, and gazed ever so deeply into me. unable to resist, almost seemingly guided by possession, i kiss her on the base of the neck, then the cheek, finally our lips meet, air seemed to burst like magma in my lungs and brain. her lips drew back in a slow remarkable smile reveals it'self. as if in a trance, she turned away and leads me away, my mindless body follows in awe. she who walks the wind of interstellar space guides to where the stars are just out of reach. the spectacle leaves me stunned, before long, arms wrapped around my waist and a warm body has found it's way against mine. there soft hands begin to work, slowly my jacket is removed, next my shirt, it isn't long before i am almost left with nothing to protect me from the cold, except the resonating warmth of my devastatingly enchanting companion. she proceeds to throw me on the floor, and crawls like a lion stalking her prey, till she is just about over me, and rests herself on me. baffled, perplexed i let her rend time itself under the endless night sky. gently i begin to remedy any tension i can feel in her firm body, whilst bathing in her aroma, as our scents mingle, so do we, reminiscing on old times and new alike. the rest of the world slowly fades, as we are now the only beings in existence now.


the day has ended, it's late at night and the world's asleep, but i'm awake. waiting under the obsidian sky, for reasons that escape me, i'm accompanied by the golden hue of that full mellow moon, bright and beautiful, gleaming like a phosphorescent stone held in place and time. a soft glow over my shoulder catches my wandering gaze, a slow turn ensues, there she stood in repose waiting just as i. the appearance of incredible legend or fairy-tale, her gorgeous imagery is quite inexplicable, the vividness for a brief moment completely dominated the waking mind of all, a being of visible yet ethereal structure, a creature of vast importance and transcendent life.

amidst this elysian realm i dwelt not as i had before, something within the confines of my tense flesh had awakened in response to the celestial presence before me, embers erupted into ravenous flame, which would seek to consume me, leaving only ashes left, like a pillar of human fire reaching for the heavens, i realize now, my heart and spirit yearn for her, and via with desperate howls to make me understand this. even a minor glance would do to put a smile on my face.

while racking my brain, trying to find the words to say, i bridge the gap between us, my every step causes the world to slowly crumble away, even i struggle to keep myself together (as the fire burns my insides) drawing air has become difficult, in light of being awe struck at the mad and fantastic conception of her beauty, she whom could seemingly conjure sights, whose very possession argued a lurking spark of genius, so much as an idea of glittering realms of super natural radiance, can't begin to surmise the spectacle.

i call to her, saying the only word that has come to mind. as it rolls off my tongue, i feel empowered, as though i've cast a spell, it's enchanting to hear, and resonates while it echos through the air endlessly, i might as well have been transported to a palace of light, in regions unbound and unknown to man. i perceived a slight blurring and fading of objects around us, some force had recalled us to one another...

she looked at me and gently smiled, i sensed a certain friendliness in her, born no doubt of the interest i could not conceal, and the gentle manner in which i called her name... i didn't dare to close my eyes, out of fear that my delusion would quickly fade upon doing so. the radiance that emanates from her is compelling, captivating, as she illuminates what remains of the [world/planet/land] around us. as if competing with the moon itself, but there could be no comparison nor contest, she already won.

[we traveled in darkness for what seems like days, as clocks stripped the hours, i counted the miles, i was dying of anticipation]

her motion in my direction was effortless and graceful, she moved so proudly and dominantly through the empty field, there life flourished beneath her feet, flowers of varies colors and shapes would spring forth suddenly like summer lightening, it was truly an exhilarating site to behold, it made me call into question whether this was deranged fancy or [[[[ some sort of phenomena where a candle-lit dream is colliding with reality ]]]].....

it wasn't long before we were in reach of each other, it became so evidently clear upon looking at her that everything you ever wanted to see, is there in her eyes.

[middle something happens between us, cant just jump into groping not right, also on a side note end should be fading out or travel to somewhere and talking but not so straight foward, much better in that sense]

the resplendent aura of my lover of light, drew near and held colloquy with me, soul to soul with silent perfect interchange of thought. she grazes my cheek, followed by another peck, which in that instant of curiosity was born the madly unreasoning desire i bare now, having brought me to this point.... slowly i pull back, still i wonder if i'm dreaming, even as

soft warm hands grasp the back of my neck drawing me closer, my hands tightly grip around her waist, she leans into me, placing her lips to mine... a thousand flowers explode into butterflies as we kiss, my body goes numb as the energy courses from her through to me, its electrifying,.

i hung breathlessly in her arms, a chaotic but cosmic world all her own, by degrees i experience an overwhelming wonder. aromatic breezes of warmth fill my lungs, her breath is like sudden wind blowing from over flowery meadows and leafy woods, a scent at which i quiver in shear delight. she gazed at me with a pair of luminous expanding eyes, whose depth seemed to have subtly deepened, while her glossy lips formed a rosy elegant smile.

we turned our attention now to the sky, where we witnessed over-lapping time space and dimensions paralyzed in astonishment at the events that have unfolded between the two of us. the sight reminded me of something utterly fantastic which i could not quiet place,
but no sooner then i had asked myself what i was reminded of, had the answer rested her head upon my chest. upon a flaming cosmic vessel we floated for eons, and we seemingly danced in each others arms,my hands wandered blissfully through pleasing landscapes of her decadent body, the prodigious valley of her back, and robust curves of her modest frame, climbing the gentle hills from whose summits, could see entrancing panoramas of loveliness, she is a land of hope, and in it shine the perfect ideals of all that we know elsewhere.



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