New Articles/Writings:

This update, we welcome a new author to our magazine - Xavier de la O.  He presents us with a couple short stories.

Returning contributor, Agent K, talks about her method for creating community

We are big fans of Jen Padron's work in the Peer world and her incredible literary works.  This update, we're adding her photography to her canon here at DefMag!

Recovery-based resources are hard to vet, as shared by TAIC, in his most recent article.

Some new link link linkity-links:  
[I'm leaving these here from the last update since they're so important and with Peer/CPC trainings coming up, they're timely and pertinent. - TAIC]
A couple new links in our Peers section for certification information, generously brought to our attention by National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse, who has also listed us in their Key Update of resources!

[And this - since it seems to be a constant conversation that I have wherever I go...]

Leaving this up for now, since we get so many questions about it:  Why use the offensive term "Defective"?
  Because we have a sense of humor and don't take it all so seriously.  Because we're a bit irreverant.  Because when people use these types of playfully self-depricating terms, we identify and think (and sometimes blurt out) "me too"... which is what people have been saying when they see us in our shirts!  (Yes, they're for sale! - see sidebar ------>)

It IS a good question, and we do try to answer it.  See below.  Literally just a couple inches below.  Don't get lost on the way.

Bright Lights on the Horizon!

(above: the first edition printer's proof)

The magazine is at the printers! 
Picking it up tomorrow, loading the jalopy, and hitting the highway!

It will be first available to peeps at the Peerpocalypse convention.  After that, it'll be available in person at groups and events, including those at SASG (contact them or us to know which ones) and the CVAB/WaPac meeting in a couple weeks, and hopefully some future United Peers of WA events later in the year. 

We are in the process of getting it in local stores and adding it to our online store as well, but the easiest (for us) and fastest way is to contact us though email or our Facebook page to arrange payment and pickup.

So...why print an online magazine?  Because our focus is connection.  Having it available in print means continuing to spread to word of hope and recovery and offer resources to people that wouldn't already have access to them.

Most of the content was hand chosen from the submissions from the site, and a couple that are unique to the in-print version. 

It's 40-pages, in full color, and is the perfect way to share the values of our community with the friends and relatives in yours.

We also have a fresh batch of cat-eared hats for sale...and I'll get those online as soon as I can.  In the meantime, just drop us a line.

And...I heard a rumor that some new shirts might be on the way in the not-so-distant future...

Alright, kids...enjoy!

Have a truly wonderful day!


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A little about Defective Magazine...

We are a Seattle-based publication focusing on mental health awareness and its related issues, mainly reducing stigma for the people living with mental health issues, encouraging community by showing the vast involvement of people that self-identify as having a mental health or substance use diagnosis, and encouraging the role of peer support in the field of mental health recovery, and to help all maintain personal hope and a sense of support from a community tailor-made to provide this type of support.

Why "Defective"?

Because "damage", atleast in the old Punk-rawk sense, means what's happened to you, what's been caused by living rough or outside the norm. It's the scars and the coping mechanisms, the stories that we all share around the fire in the trash can in the middle of the park at night.

We'll cover things that would fall under the heading of "damage", of course.  What we're focusing on, however, is how we're shipped from the factory. Not a choice. Not damaged in transit...but, something inherent - like a chemical imbalance, like addictive issues. The things that can be moderated with the intellect, but can't be intellect-ed away.

We're called all sorts of names...but, we'd rather be considered "defective" instead, since we're working on reducing our "damage".

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The history of Mental Health Recovery is fascinating and has all the facets of a good film:
Love, pain, heartbreak, resilience, hope, fear, politics, humor...  It's the best film you'll never see.  But...you CAN read it, and read about it.