Riley Tyrel Carter

Mike Jauregui &
Ethan Campbell



So, here's the deal with this...

We thought that it's important to hear from musicians that are struggling with mental health challenges in order to learn their coping techniques, learn how they create despite or through their challenges, and to get some encouragement for our own art - whether that's music or not.

We decided to start with a basic questionnaire.  Same for everyone - so we can see the differences.

Then we interviewed everyone and went further into depth with the answers.

When we were able to take video, we did.  The links to the videos are on the are links to their music and other pages!

We're adding to this, and working on it all the time - so check back!  If you're interested in being featured here, please clickity-click on this:

So, relax...put your feet up, sip a hot beverage, and get inspired!