Your voice is important!  Share your story to connect with and help encourage someone with challenges just like you.

This is a call for submissions!

What if I told you that a new publication existed that was focused on sharing the voice of Recovery, encouraging the role of Peer Support in the Mental Health field, and reducing Stigma of Mental Health diagnosis and those labeled with them? And...what if I told you that they were a bit edgy, not all flowery language and acronyms, and contained articles about art, music and culture as well? And...the best part...

What if I told you that they wanted YOU to contribute?

I am proud to announce that the nation's only Peer-run magazine, for Peers and others in Recovery, is accepting submissions in an on-going attempt to provide new content and support to our community.

What is needed:

Articles, opinion pieces, poems, artwork, tales from the trenches, photos, recovery stories, and more!

All you gotta do is read the guidelines below, and maybe the sidebar to the right, and then send all submissions, and any questions, to this email: 
defectivemagazine (at)

please follow the guidelines below.  please?


Some basic guidelines:

It's gotta be original work. If you didn't write it or make it, don't send it.  Seriously.  That's not good.

Everything must have a note that comes with it establishing these things: 1)you are the creator of this original work, 2)you give the magazine permission to reprint it online and in-print, 3)you understand that there is no compensation of any kind whatsoever.

If you have a concern or question, please ask in advance.


Some basic legal mumbojumbo:

1)If you send it, you've given permission to use it.

2)There is no compensation.

3)All submissions become property of the magazine. However, there's no claim on rights, meaning that you can still use it and send it to other places whether it's printed here first or not.

4)Not everything will be put in print. No, or in life.

Here's some ideas...

We get asked all the time what we're looking for and willing to print.  The answer isn't a simple one.

Our main topics are:  recovery from substance addiction, mental health challenges, and anything that would fall under these facets:
creating a connection or furthering understanding, tales from the trenches,  encouraging those that feel left behind to keep fighting and that their voice is valuable, and offering hope by any means necessary.

Comfort / healing items and memories. (ex. Here's my Grandma's cookie recipe since her cookies help me out of my depression.)

What I do to get myself out of depression's black hole/downward spiral?  What techniques or coping mechanisms can I share?

How I manage my relationships with family members?  How are they affected by my challenges? How am I affected by theirs?  How did they respond when I said I needed help?  How are they supporting my recovery?

Wellness practices / what I do to stay well/be stable/keep from using.

A turning point for me that changed my life (for better or worse).

What a day in my life looks like, with my mental health challenges.

How I help my family/friend cope with their mental health challenges.

What I wish I had known or been told  about mental health challenges and substance use challenges.

What I would like to tell my future self.

What I'd like others to know about these kinds of challenges.

Diagnosis(es) and what they mean to me.  Do they define me?  Are they a self-fulfilling prophesy?  Do they change how I feel about myself?

These are just a jumping off point for your creativity and story.  Use one of these topics, or anything related or potentially of interest to our readers - who are just like you!